Digital Refractometers

Digital refractometers are simple to use, higher range, and more accurate than optical models. Just place a drop of sample on the reading prism and the display will show the concentration in the scale required or the refractive index. Also suitable for turbid or colored samples that would be impossible to read with an optical model. The sample cell is made of anti-corrosive stainless-steel, is suitable for any liquid, and ensures excellent cleaning and prolonged use of the instrument. The refractive index of a sample is related to the temperature. The DBR series automatically compensates for changes in temperature thanks to a built-in microprocessor.

DBR 55 (0-55% Brix)

DBR 55

Portable digital refractometer

Working range 0.0..55.0% Brix (± 0.2%).

Automatic temperature compensation 10.0..60.0 °C.

Self-calibrating with water. Backlit display.

Sample volume 0.5 ml.

Complete with rubber shell and hard case.

Power supply 2 x 1.5 V (Alkaline AAA)

DBR Salt (Salinity, Brix, and RI)


Digital Salinity Refractometer

Working range: 0.0..28.0% Salinity, 0.0..35.0% Brix , 1.333..1.3900 nD

Automatic temperature compensation 0.0..40.0 °C.

Auto calibrate with water or a standard solution

Minimum sample volume 1.0 ml.

Power supply 2 x 1.5 V (Alkaline AAA)

DBR 95 (High range 0.0..95.0% Brix and RI)

DBR 95

Portable and benchtop digital refractometer with large display

Working range 0.0..95.0% Brix (± 0.2%), 1.3330..1.5400 nD (Refractive Index)

Automatic temperature compensation 0.0..40.0 °C.

Self-calibrating with water or a standard solution

Minimum sample volume 1.0 ml

Power supply 2 x 1.5 V (Alkaline AAA)